Relaxation or Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage
Just stretch out and enjoy
Traditional massage with regulated pressure and stimulating movement, excellent for relieving the stress of everyday life, but also highly effectively in releasing knots and tensions, easing tired and aching muscles

Studio    60 minutes $75         75 minutes $90      90 minutes $110
Mobile   60 minutes $100       75 minutes $120    90 minutes $145
Group discounts apply please enquire,  please note some areas and accommodations will differ in price

Couples Massage……Shared Time Out
Bring a partner, friend or family member and double the experience

Studio  2x 60 minutes $150      Mobile 2x 60 minutes $200

Pregnancy Massage……. Create some special time just for you
Gentle massage using a special body pillow for support and focusing on the areas causing discomfort, providing relief from stress on both body, and mind

Studio  60 minutes  $75     Mobile  60 minutes $100

Heavenly Pampers…..  30 minutes of blissful time out
Using all organic products with fragrant steam towels for that pampering you deserve, add a massage and feel lighter than air and totally regenerated.

Add 30 or 60 minutes of massage for a wonderful pamper package.

Cleanse, 10 minute relaxing face and neck massage, mask, tone and moisturise… Mmm!!
Foot Pamper
Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturise……  Ahhh !!
Scalp Pamper
Relieving stress with a languidly long scalp and neck massage, including a hair conditioning treatment, where the head is cocooned in warm towels to intensify the treatment ..zzz!!

All pampers ….  Studio $50  Mobile $75

Deep Tissue Massage….. Soothe sore and troubled muscles
This massage allows you to select your own level of pressure, and focuses on soothing troubled muscles, and giving problem areas the attention required

Studio   60 minutes   $85     75 minutes   $100    90 minutes   $120
Mobile  60 minutes   $115   75 minutes   $135    90 minutes   $160

Thermal Stone Massage ….   Over worked body or Stressed mind
Using warmed stones placed on the body, and massage to make your stressed muscles melt into oblivion. Great for relaxation, anxiety, back pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis and insomnia

In Studio only –  Individuals     90 minutes    $120